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Bland County Fair

We would like to announce that the Bland County Fair will be held on August the 25th - 27th 2022

Admission Cost:

Thursday: Free

Friday: Ages 8-74 $7

Saturday: Ages 8-74 2pm-6pm $7

Saturday: Ages 8-74 After 6pm $10

2022 Bland County Fair Schedule

April 2022 Fun Show Schedule

Fun Show Entry Form(PDF)

Completed Fun Show forms can be emailed to

Soon we will host a Livestock Show. Featuring Goats, Sheep, Beef, and Dairy Cattle! Please see the schedule below and follow the link to register your prize Goat, Sheep, Beef or Dairy bovine specimens!

2022 Livestock Show Schedule

The Bland County Horse Show will be held on September 10th & 11th this year. Please see the details below!

2022 Bland County Fair Horse Show

2022 Bland County Fair Horse Show Entry Form

Completed Bland County Horse Show forms can be emailed to

Also find us on facebook at the link below!